The Living

The idea behind The Living is for the house to become a bright living room where all rooms are experienced in one unique space.

For this effect, the living room spans the full depth and full height of the house. Bedrooms and kitchen are regrouped in one volume which looks like sitting in the living room under a translucent polycarbonate envelope. The living room is directly accessed from the entrance hall with a direct relationship to the kitchen which faces the back garden.

The living room receives light from both end gables, but also from the pitched ceiling through a clever layering of polyester fibre thermal insulation and fabric. The light can also continue its journey into the bedrooms and stairs which have openings into the living room.

In The Living, two bedrooms are upstairs and one is downstairs at the front of the house.


This gives flexibility in terms of future uses with the opportunity to turn the ground floor bedroom at any time into a home office with a shop front. It also benefits from the ground floor toilets directly accessible from the entrance hall.

The design is extremely efficient with every area optimized to provide either living space or storage space, keeping circulations as compact as possible. The concept will straightforwardly develop into a house complying with all building standards in UK.