Leith Listings with Leith Creative

As part of the People and Places program, biomorphis co-curated an exhibition of ‘Leith Listings’, a new directory for the Leith neighborhood identifying local buildings, structures, people and places of special architectural or historical interest

During the event, GoogleEarth street view, snap shots and printed images were accessioned, adding to the list and building up the collection. At the same time, out on the streets of Leith, facilitators from HERE+NOW were engaging passers-by, identifying the parts of Leith’s streetscape which people love and want to see incorporated into the live evolving list.

Part of Architecture Fringe 2017. This event was also part of the People and Places: Make Leith Better project.

Leith Creative is a place-based research project that asks ‘How can we Make Leith Better?’ Through a series of structured events and creative interventions, Leith Creative was engaging members of the Leith community during summer 2017, asking people to define local assets, challenges, and identify the steps individuals can make in improving their place.

The information collected has then be transformed into a cultural blueprint for the area, that takes on board the viewpoints of local people on how their space is developed.

Location: Out Of The Blue, Drill Hall, Edinburgh, UK