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Adaptative facade modelisation for office tower, London
Pavilion proposal for Hyde park, London
Landscape art installation, Western Isles, Scotland
Pavilion proposal for Battersea Park, London

Research Lab

biomorphis is an architecture & design practice dedicated to a sensitive approach to architecture based on adaptive systems, sustainability and art.

Aesthetic values

Architecture and art are now at the mid-point of innovative adaptations and articulated complexities. The tensions turn to forces shaping space and become fields of responsiveness.

New Design Media

We focus on generative design rooted in computational and practical methods and encourage a playful attitude required to keep exploring and generate innovation.

The formal possibilities inherent to our design media are only limited by our imagination.

Artistic agenda

biomorphis aims to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies in order to provide flexible, adaptive & affordable design.

Design decisions reflect
comprehensiveness and our holistic approach to art, architecture, landscape & geology.

Welcome to biomorphis

The studio encourages collaborations with talented artists from multiple fields.

Our studio is located in an artist community of designers, painters, sculptors, filmmakers and many more..

Since we do not restrict our services to particular projects, we ensure that our teams are formed with the highest level of expertise for each project.


biomorphis is run by Pierre Forissier, a DPLG MArch qualified architect & ARB registered.

Pierre is a Teaching Fellow at The University of Edinburgh where he runs the design unit 'Digital Ecologies'' at ESALA.

He has gained extensive experience in UK and worldwide within a wide range of international practices:

Zaha Hadid Architects






biomorphis ltd
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Guggenheim Helsinki competition entry
collaboration with Liz Thomas Landscape Architect



A forest as a museum and a museum as a forest are the weaving themes which reveal our obsession to distinguish between the natural and the artificial. The project reflects on what a museum is and what a super culture could be..
The forest rebalances the senses saturated by an abundance of images and sounds in the museum. The forest reveals the nature of the wider city and is grounded in the tradition of Scandinavian fairy tales.


Soar Island - International Open Ideas Competition


A fresh look at Soar island

Creating a unique opportunity for the city of Leicester to reclaim Soar Island and turn it into a new destination both locally and globally. The project aims at proposing a new Community Farming Hub on the island.
Community Farming Hub
The Hub will be a state-of-the-art facility acting as a community centre and a public space for Leicester. It will consist of 3 elements: the Farm, Market Hall and Market Square. It will function in semi-autonomy and aim at zero waste.



Centenary Square Birmingham competition entry


A manufactured countryside

The proposal aims at bringing back the historical identity of the Birmingham borough by revealing its wider context into a square at its heart, and making us feel as being from somewhere.
The underlying concept is a manufactured English countryside born from the collision of multiple scales, from cellular agricultural patterns to valleys, and the need for reconnecting the city networks as part of a new urban nature.



Bamiyan Cultural Centre UNESCO Design Competition


A citadel of culture

The proposed Cultural Centre is formed around a pattern of traditional public and private courtyards defined by a simple warm pallet of thick earth walls with deep carved openings and delicately crafted timber and glass screens.
Creating a vital centre
Fine arts, traditional crafts and musicians are brought together using adaptable spaces.The enlivened courtyards evoke the typical social nature of daytime and evening events.


Look Up Hide Out


Looking back at the city

An exploration into form finding from recycled shapes and materials. Cities can be seen in different ways from nomadic & temporary structures.
Temporary structures
These are places to rest or hide from over stimulation. They are shells made from hard robust reclaimed materials which are soft on the inside.

      CSGN Ideas Competition 2014 finalist


The Canopy

After 50 years of globalisation, agriculture has recently seen a boost from "local sourcing" in food production. Communities involved in this shift are seeking a reduction on their dependency on non-local sources od supply.
Turning Waverley station into a temporary greenhouse
Waverley, with its simple glass roof unfolding under the North Bridge does not look like a train station: it rather looks like a giant greenhouse. So why not pretend for a while that it is a greenhouse along with a food market..


      Edinburgh International Festival
Commisionned interactive projection at
Edinburgh College of Art


Synthetic Biology:
Where Organic Meets Digital

Synthetic biologists, designers, artists, engineers and architects worked together at Edinburgh International Festival to explain key concepts of Synthetic Biology.
Interactive projection by biomorphis

The projection is a virtual articulated sculpture which unfolds when dancers scan a 3D printed model of a tRNA messenger. The sculpture represents a protein chain growing from a ribosome .



    Leith Regeneration - Leaf Walk

...Leith regeneration
Cycling through Edinburgh in between roof-tops on the tracks of the former Caledonian Railway's Leith New Lines. The new route will provide a direct access from East Edinburgh to Pilrig park cycle tracks and the West..
... & The Leaf Bridge

The bridge structure has been developped with an optimized pattern of simple straight timber boards suspended from two main kevlar cables. Simple complexity.


      Boreal House-Scotland

A house in the Highlands
The house is for an artist as a place to retreat from the world. The concept of the house is to experiment how nature spontaneous forces can shape in a boreal region of the world
Wild landscapes and fields of forces
The Scottish Highlands are geological formations where nature can be seen at its bare form: Wind, light and rocks. The house will be the pure expression of the intersections and layering of these elements, and still offer the ever changing vistas onto nature.

Moving event

The deep layering is expressed in the roof shape itself: a weave -within a weave- within a weave.

The view of the house for hillside walkers will be a moving event daytime or night-time when the house should be seen as an 'extra-ordinary' organism shaped by nature forces.


    Cellular Habitat

A perfect mathematic structure..
The variety of forms in nature seems endless. Patterns can derive from mathematical rules. Patterns can derive from mathematical rules. Habitats can derive from patterns.
...transformed by a cahotic process
The pavilion is a temporary proposal for a historic hall. It reflects new built orders and hidden rules in contrast with those of its classical backdrop. 
Optimized compromise

A genetic algorithm is no guarantee of beauty but the outcomes can be striking. The matrix of self assembling timber cubes expresses the invisible forces of life and death that affect each brick.




Pier - Isle of Cres- Croatia
Collaboration with Bojana Vuksanovic

Pier on Cres island
The City of Cres in Croatia in association with the European Union is developping a new access to the sea from its main seafront promenade. The main purpose is to allow disabled people a safe way down to the water.


New Seascape

The pier is composed of two main elements: the carved stone ramps & a timber deck. The stone ramps slowly grade down to provide a smooth experience to all people and redefine the bay in 3 areas. Shallow-water bathing, Sunbedding and Rental Boats access.




Lagos Island
Park & Ride facility

Collaboration with Hylomorph.

Proposed parking facility to be located on Campbell Street / Catholic Mission Street in Lagos Island. Hybrid park & ride artefact expanding commuting network via Eko Bridge and Carter Bridge.


Fern Towers
An air fern is a name given to a product that is composed of a species of marine animals collected for curiosity. Despite a ressemblance to plants, they are actually shells, dried colonies. Fernlike structures are composed of many small chambers, where animals once lived. These are the Fern Towers

Holyrood Abbey
Temporary Art Installation
Death of an era taken-over by 'mechanic systems'. Folded flat metal sheets (otherwise known as flat quads) with an order imposed from without. The source of the structure apparent activity is not the whole itself but its meticulously folded parts.
Khams Shamat - Syria Pavilion & canopy

Collaboration with GROSS.MAX.

Pavilion hiding under a canopy. two distinct objects for one project. Incidental disruption of a common walk in Khams Shamat park for a new cafe shading under a matrix.


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