Kjempevesener – Kunstsilo Museum

Proposal for a new museum in Kristiansand, with the refurbishment of the harbour existing historic silos.

Nicolai Tangen has offered Kristiansand an art collection comprising 1,100 Norwegian works, which he has collected over a period of 20 years. The 1,100 works constitute what experts have called the most important collection of Norwegian art from the 1930s to the 1970s.

Kristiansand is the proud recipient of this gift.

A collection like this deserves – and needs – a unique building. We have high expectations of this building. It must be suitable as an art arena, with exhibition areas that communicate and highlight the unique qualities of the art collection.

The proposal is about creating an art museum of high architectural quality and international importance.

Giant creatures.

The new museum in Kristiansand must become a new destination for Kristiansand and be respectful of the powerful historic context. One of the first intentions behind the project is to preserve as much as possible the existing silos and adjacent structures while also giving a sensitive iconic building to the future museum. The museum aims at reconciling the tight site constraints while also giving space for the Cultural School and create a new forum on the West side of Sjolystveien. The left-over site on the East of Sjolystveien can be separately developed to sustain the project.