Walk & Talk Pavilion

The Walk&Talk Pavilion is conceived as a temporary structure destined to inhabit São João Square, next to Teatro Micaelense , in the center of the city of Ponta Delgada in the Azores islands.

The Pavilion opens a new artistic and programmatic line in the Festival, at the same time it stabilizes the need to create a house and meeting point for the event.

It reinforces the relationship of proximity with Teatro Micaelense , and also underlines the opening to the public and the activation of public space as fundamental aspects in the presentation of program activities. It also guarantees support for artistic residences and functional space with mixed bar, canteen and reception of the team, participating artists, other guests and participants.

The Pavilion creates a confluence space between artists, organizers and visitors, since it brings together various areas essential to the dynamics and management of the festival: canteen, bar, auditorium, stage.