The Wall

Revealed by the sun, Passing clouds will make it pulse, while reflections will make it gone.

The wall will be a ring of light
Revealed by the sun
Passing clouds will make it pulse
while reflections will make it gone
We will see the halo from afar
From the roads and from the sky
It will be made of a million glass bricks
They will come from all over the world
Each one of them ever so slightly unique
Quartz from the seabed
and iron salts from the deserts
but all bricks of the very same size
They shall be engraved
for us to know where they come from
and which prayer
they carry

The halo will come from a rising cylinder
with one side barely touching the ground
revealing a seamless entrance
where heaven meets the earth
In the centre, nature will grow peacefully
into an abundant garden
of trees and wild flowers
The halo shall last for generations
as glass survives us all
Rain will wash the bricks
Streams will appear
and run away
It will hold still for a while
And the sun will come again
with the crackles of life.