Extension Between the Alvar Aalto Museum and the Museum of Central Finland

Proposal to create an extension to connect the Alvar Aalto museum and the Museum of Central Finland to enable a more versatile use of both museums.

A new shop will be situated in the extension and the connecting gateway will enable the accessibility of the Alvar Aalto museum.

The extension will also enable the shared use of the auditorium of the Museum of Central Finland, the cafeteria ‘Café Alvar’ of the Alvar Aalto Museum, and the versatile use of other meeting, working and educational spaces.

The space in between the museums with its terraces and water basins creates an interesting outer space. The development of this space is one of the design goals.

The proposal also aims at connecting the museums site to the neighbouring Ruusupuisto square by creating a series of terraces open to both the Alvar Aalto cafe and the wider Campus.