Leith Kitchen

Biomorphis has been commissioned to design and build a pop-up kitchen and menu cards for Leith Creative, Leith Open Space and World Kitchen in Leith.

Over the last ten years WKiL has popped up in an extraordinary mix of kitchens (from the Citadel youth centre, to Edinburgh City Chambers, from Scottish Parliament Festival of Politics, to the Big Tent festival in Fife, from Out of the Blue to Granton Walled Garden ) so it was a great opportunity to bring their culinary to Leith Gala. It was be the first time everyone get to try out the custom-made Leith Kitchen.

On Gala Day, the carefully crafted Leith Kitchen menu presented a choice of options selected from key issues that have emerged from Leith Creative’s extensive community discussion events.  Affordable housing, green spaces, better health and wellbeing are top of the list (and incidentally top of the Community Manifesto for Leith). 

These issues have been broken into five talking points. People visiting, or passing the stall, were invited to choose what matters most to them – and rewarded with a tasty sample from the WKiL menu. What would you choose?