Holyrood Abbey - Scotland -Temporary Art Installation    
Legend relates that in 1127, while King David I was hunting in the forests to the east of Edinburgh during the Feast of the Cross, he was thrown from his horse after it had been startled by a hart. The king was saved from being gored by the charging animal when it was startled by the appearance of a holy cross descending from the skies. As an act of thanksgiving for his escape, David I founded Holyrood Abbey on the site in 1128.    
The idea is to represent both the end of a human-centric era and the beginning of a new one taken-over by 'mechanic systems'.    
The new arches are fabricated from folded flat metal sheets (otherwise known as flat quads) with an order imposed from without. The source of the structure apparent activity is not the whole itself but its meticulously folded parts.    


Base modules // Pre-cut flat metal sheets