design informatics pavilion
Edinburgh Digital Entertainment Festival 2016
Collaboration with Mark Kobine


biomorphis has been commissioned by design informatics (The University of Edinburgh) to design and build with Designer Maker Mark Kobine a temporary pavilion for exhibiting research projects at the Digital Entertainment Festival 2016 on Georges St. The structure had to be assembled on site in under two days so prefabrication had to be maximised for speed and also affordability.


Interested in how digital technology can be efficiently used to design an affordable modular structure, biomorphis developed an algorithm to test & generate different cellular divisions to form a self supporting lightweight building envelope.


Using a CNC router (Computer Numerical Control) timber sheets are cut and then pre-assembled in pairs to form cassettes that come together to make the double layer skin.

Prefabricated off site, and simply assembled on site, the final pavilion demonstrates how computer algorithms are assisting designers to develop a parametric architecture which is strong, lightweight and evocative to the eye.   credit: Mark Kobine
    credit: Mark Kobine