Pavilion Proposal for the Festival of Architecture 2016
Collaboration with Graeme Massie Architects

Edinburgh is a city which naturally ignites the imagination – a city of stories and myths which lie somewhere between fact and fiction. Our proposal for a pavilion for Edinburgh at the pop-up cities expo builds on this narrative, and the temporary nature of the pavilion, to propose a ghost pavilion – a fleeting apparition, ephemeral and ethereal.    

The pavilion takes the form of a 5mx5m room with an articulated roofscape - appropriate to its location, with the Old Town skyline as a backdrop. The base and generous high level apertures are clad with white, translucent polycarbonate, while the roofs are faced in lightly reflective, galvanised steel sheets. Together the materials and form combine to give the pavilion a clear identity both by day and by night, when the polycarbonate cladding is lit to dramatic effect.


The room is presented as a dark tray held within the light exterior. Walls and floor are lined with black stained plywood panels; a clear contrast to the exterior, and an appropriately muted backdrop for exhibitions. Above this dark tray, the ceiling is defined by four equivalent mono-pitches, each lined with galvanised steel sheet but orientated differently to flood the interior with sunlight throughout the day.


The pavilion offers much scope for adaptability, offering a number of potential configurations. It has, at present, been developed with a single, large sliding door to provide access and egress. This allows for the creation of a clearly defined interior with maximum wall space for exhibition.

However, once the content of the pavilion is finalised, the pavilion has the potential to be altered to provide more openings to create a more fluid relationship between inside and out. Similarly, the roof/ceiling configuration naturally enables potential spatial subdivision of the room - curtains or thin screens could be hung from the underside of the cross-beams to create a range of spatial configurations.
The high level internal surfaces of the pavilion offer rich potential for exhibition using digital media. The apertures to each of the roof units could be projected onto, animating both the internal space and the exterior of the pavilion. In addition, the pitched ceilings offer the potential for projection, creating a dramatic, immersive experience.