Digital Ecologies - Architectural Design Unit led by Forissier + Moffitt


University of Edinburgh

Digital Ecologies provides an introduction to the theoretical and practical technologies that underpin digital generative systems within the physical environment. The studio makes no promise of a utopian future but rather focuses on a place with a dramatically anthropogenically altered ecology which requires immediate remediation: Dalgety Bay, Fife

The advent of ubiquitous computing including the streaming of data from all aspects of the natural and built environment means that architects can access and produce raw measures of the environment. Keeping in mind that this data differs from knowledge, the measures can be seen as a series of non-organized structures and chaotic contingencies. Coupled with contemporary programming and visualisations technologies, this offers a context in which to design new architectures overcoming the distinction between the natural and the artificial, the digital and the analogue, exposing how these dynamics collude to construct and alter existing ecological conditions.


Precipitative Landscapes
Designers: James Duffield, Jake Warrington, Jack Sneddon


Wave catchers
Designers: Peter White, James Ness, Jamie Wilson


Sensory Park
Designers: Erim Lim, Juliette Sung


Designer: Anni Muuripeal