County Theater Extension Proposal - Doylestown, USA

The concept of the façade for the extension of the County Theater is to start a new conversation. So why a curtain? The curtain is possibly one of the most iconic elements of theaters all over the world. It hides and reveals, it builds up the excitement.    

The idea is also to use a relatively abstract architectural language in order to not compete with the extraordinary existing facade of the theatre. The new facade in that way gently nods to the existing building but it also reconfigures the current public spaces by creating a new entrance and foyer, which now have direct views to the outside. The idea here is to bring the theatre to the outside world, to make it more engaging with the community.


The new proposed foyer will host a café, which can function by itself. It will aim at enhancing the pedestrian experience by visually opening the building onto the street but it will also generate new revenues for the theatre. The existing foyer of the historic theater will then become a lounge adjacent to the new foyer and offer a more cosy experience than the café. It might also be used for exhibitions or as a function room.


The curtain is essentially a secondary screen off the main facade. It is made of a series of curved polycarbonate sheets supported of the facade by a metal subframe. The intention here is to keep the construction costs low while bringing a real contemporary feel to the theatre.

The polycarbonate interrupts at the entrance and opposite the main horizontal opening of the café. The polycarbonate still allows feeling the main façade behind and gently filters the light in the foyer when covering the main opening.