Birmingham Centenary Square - International Design Competition


The proposal aims at bringing back the historical identity of the Birmingham borough by revealing its wider context into a square at its heart, and making us feel as being from somewhere.

The underlying concept is a manufactured English countryside born from the collision of multiple scales, from cellular agricultural patterns to valleys; and the need for reconnecting the city networks as part of a new urban nature.    

The ambition of this living world is to bring back native tree species such as broadleaf oak (Quercus robur) and larch (Larix decidua) in order to give a sense of belonging to the square. In the same fashion, the paving will be sourced from regional natural stone


The scale of the square has been addressed by ordering the site with contrast between major lines and smaller cellular spaces. Verdant areas are sheltered from the wind by dense foliage, routes are lightly shaded by overhead branches and open atmospheres favour reading and sun-bathing.


The trail of water slows down the separate sequences within the surrounding urban fabric. The total accessibility of the whole square for everyone will make it a perfect place for reunions,  seasonal events and celebrations.