>> SUMMER 2016 <<


Archi School by biomorphis is a chance for you to use the weeks before the start of the semester to kick-start your forth coming studio course.

Based in Edinburgh and offering personally tailored teaching and guidance, the school aims to build on your university education with intensive courses during the year.





The academic year passes quickly and sometimes there isn't enough time to fulfill your potential or refine your projects.

Attending Archi School is like a 'third semester', allowing you time to polish your portfolio, improve your skills and gain confidence before University begins again.

The tutoring is student specific, so whatever you want to achieve we can adapt the teaching to your needs.

We keep the number of students-per tutor very low so that there is plenty of time for one-to-one tutorials and feedback. This is a unique opportunity to discuss and develop your ideas.

Who? The course is run by experienced architecture tutors with over 12 years of combined teaching across all levels at both ESALA and other recognised UK schools of Architecture.

Having taught within all undergraduate and post-graduate years, we have the experience to know where students need to prioritise in order to progress and how to maximise your potential.

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- Core skills.
- Working on key design and representational techniques.
- Adding/improving work in your portfolio for future job/university applications.
- Improving your grades
Building on understanding of concepts and design methodologies.
- Confidence and clarity in presentation.

Where? Classes will be held at Out-of-the-Blue Drill hall in Leith.

There is a dedicated classroom that will be used for workshops, tutorials and classes and an on-site cafe where you can get delicious lunches and refreshments.


The next available Archi School session is in January 2017:


Exact dates to be announced


Note: Before the session, we are available to discuss potential individually tailored sessions. Just drop us a mail.



If you wish drop us an email and arrange to meet up for a coffee at Out of the Blue:


We can discuss the course and your work and then decide how we can best arrange the program to work best for you.




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